About us

Forty Management is a real estate developer of premium, mixed use, urban reconversion buildings under Central District brand.

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Forty Management is a developer of premium mixed-use real estate and urban green reconversion under Central District brand. Founded in 2015  by experienced real estate entrepreneurs Lucian Azoitei and Tudor Baditescu, Forty Management distinguishes on the Romanian market through the innovation and sustainability approaches of their mixed-use development concepts.

Lucian Azoitei, the Forty Management’s current CEO, is one of the most respected and highly regarded real estate professionals in Romania and an active player in the field, whose invaluable experience, know-how and skills have consistently contributed to the growth of this sector in Romania.

Forty Management aims at building new communities by focusing on design and quality, innovative and energy-efficient buildings, while generating value. Acknowledged by the business community and clients alike for transposing the latest real estate trends to its projects on the Romanian market, Forty Management has successfully shaped the real estate landscape in Bucharest by transforming various abandoned areas of the city into communities, while adding state-of-the-art technologies.  

Sustainability and energy efficiency are at the heart of all our developments. All the buildings developed under the Central District brand have superior certifications in this respect and Forty Management has received multiple awards numerous competitions and conferences in the field, both internationally and locally. The company is a member of the Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC), an organization that promotes environmental responsibility and energy efficiency. All of Central District’s residential developments are certified “Green Homes” by RoBGC, while Central District Viitorului 134 is certified as NzEB. In 2022, Forty Management has committed to having all its new developments as carbon-neutral and self-sustainable using the concept Lagoon City.

Forty Management SA Bucharest is one of the most important players in the real estate field, with a social capital of 98 million euro. The company is also the first developer in Romania that initiated cross-border projects, extending the patent-protected scale-up urban reconversion Central District Lagoon City to Eastern Europe, through its Swiss subsidiary, Forty Management AG Berna.