Crystal Lagoons – main attraction in Central District Lagoon City

Crystal Lagoons are the next great amenity that has the power to change the real estate paradigm. Built as crystal-clear bodies of water of practically any size and shape, they turn land-locked properties into water-front communities, transforming any location into an idyllic beach paradise.

The technology that allows crystalline lagoons to be built and operated at low maintenance costs was developed by Crystal Lagoons, a U.S. company, leader in innovation and technology, and has been patented in 190 countries. The concept is already endorsed by more than 600 operational lagoons around the world that are incredibly successful and prove this new paradigm of “beach entertainment mood in your own backyard” really works.

Focused on solving some of the world’s most pressing sustainability issues, such as water scarcity, energy scarcity, and pollution, but also on improving people’s lives, by offering an idyllic beach lifestyle, Crystal Lagoons technologies outstand through unique features: they use half the water of a typical park and 30 times less water than a typical golf course, and are cheaper to build; they operate with only 1% of the chemicals used for a swimming pool and half of the energy needed by a conventional pool filtration system; incorporate materials that can withstand the sun’s strong UV rates and won’t deteriorate; can use any kind of water, including salt and brackish water and they are always kept clean and clear while using only a fraction of the chlorine and other disinfectants used in a typical swimming pool.

Crystal Lagoon technology is brought for the first time to Central and Eastern Europe by Forty Management. The company plans to further scale the concept and expand it to Budapest, Warsaw and Prague under Central District Lagoon City brand, thus being the first Romanian real estate developer to embark on large-scale projects in neighbouring countries.

Central District Lagoon City is a true urban regeneration development, a complex mixed-used project (residential, commercial, office and hotel) that will recreate beach life right into the city, due to Crystal Lagoon technology.