Central district 4 elements, „green building” pre-certified residential complex has obtained the building permit.

Autor: s360_forty

The innovative design concept of the building includes: carefully planned green and leisure spaces on more than 2/3 of the land surface, complete LED lighting, individual control for heating and cooling systems, natural ventilation for each apartment, modular architecture for the prospect of reconfiguring the apartments, paints and adhesives without toxic elements, designing the windows of each apartment to offer different panoramas and measures of energy efficiency in order to optimize and reduce the energy consumption during the life of the building.

„The idea of a large green open space, to which each apartment has immediate access, is one of the values of Central District 4 Elements.

We refuse to design impersonal buildings without vegetation and without community. We selected the plants very carefully, devised a maintenance scenario, a centralized system of irrigation and lighting to preserve the appearance and identity of the building, to minimize the risk of errors in the maintenance of the plants and not to cumber the tenants with the constant care for the maintenance of the green spaces”, says Lucian Azoitei, CEO Forty Management.

Non-existent car traffic

The car access is underground only. The car network within the complex was designed to minimize traffic. In conclusion, the access to the water basins, leisure and relaxation areas is pedestrian only.