Central district, a residential complex „invaded” by green spaces

Autor: s360_forty

Elena Rastei, GREEN HOMES certification coordinator for Forty Management, presented us the project as a model of best practices in the residential sector: „Certifications such as GREEN HOMES / LEED / BREEAM and similar ones take in consideration several elements: starting from the type of the land, access to public transport and alternative means of transport, up to the source and type of materials used, energy efficiency, indoor environment quality, efficient waste management both during the construction site and during the operating period, reducing water consumption and much more.

Central District has improved the urban space by installing, first of all, a combination of intensive green type terraces (high maintenance, drip irrigation system, plants and trees up to 3 m high) and extensively (low maintenance, grass and plants) and by regenerating a decommissioned land.

Another feature that contributes significantly to the high sustainability of the building is the implementation of a system of waste on six fractions, including for biodiesel and oil waste, as a measure within the „Zero Waste” certification.

In addition, there have been implemented solutions to reduce energy and water consumption. The quality of the indoor environment is superior because of the finishes with low content volatile toxic organic compounds, due to the natural ventilation and a high degree of natural lighting. The tenants will also benefit from a complex program of education on the topic of the circular economy, with a focus on the prevention of waste generation, responsible consumption, waste sorting and compost ”

We would later find out directly from the developer that the project won an international award at a famous competition held in London, the European Property Awards, in October 2017. At that time, the Central District property was designated as the best performing residential building in Romania, the sustainable elements implemented playing an extremely important role in the jury’s decision.