Forty Management a vândut 90% din apartamentele Central District Viitorului 134, cu 8 luni înainte de finalizarea proiectului

Autor: s360_forty

Forty Management, a real estate developer awarded internationally for premium, green projects, announces that has sold off-plan 90% of the Central District Viitorului 134 residential project. The mixed-use development with a value of Euro 11.5 million is scheduled to be finalized next year in June.

Central District Viitorului 134 is the first project in Romania that mixes a real estate development with unique manifestations of urban art signed by well-known street-art artists. The property fence, the entrance’s main lobby and floors’ lobbies will be decorated with art works of several artists especially booked for this project. The most impressive piece of art will be a blue giraffe, built and assembled on-site, that “feeds” itself with the leaves of the pergolas, on two floors. Central District Viitorului 134 is also the first residential project located in the center of Bucharest with direct access to a tennis, basketball and football field, at night, exclusively for residents.