Forty water and beyond

Central District Lagoon City is a mixed-use project of large urban regeneration: there are over 100,000 sqm built in 4 large areas: residential, office, hotel and commercial. When you think of an urban development of such dimensions, which also adds a lagoon of minimum 10,000 sqm and beaches of over 4,500 sqm, there is a risk of diminishing the feeling of boutique, intimate development, which is inconceivable for a company that has the quality of daily living in its DNA. Thus, even if Central District Lagoon City is like a miniature city, we fragmented it into layers, mini neighborhoods, we created buffers and protection areas between, private terraces for each apartment and common socializing areas for each building in conjunction with common areas and unique facilities for all the community , in order to offer future inhabitants the real exclusivity of a #luxuryrealestate, which is beyond famous crystal lagoon technology that allows to build and mantain turquoise crystalline man-made lagoons of unlimited size at a very low cost. 

Central District Lagoon City will be serviced by a handpicked team of over experienced professionals with a keen and refined under standing of luxury living. They bear a collective wisdom from years of service with the world’s finest residential buildings, five-star hotels, and premier concierge organizations.

Concierge Services
Relationships are key, and the concierge team is absolutely dedicated to learning residents’ preferences and providing as much – or as little – service as each desires. From the everyday to the extraordinary, the concierge team at Central District Lagoon City consistently exceeds expectations.

Central District Lagoon City concierge team provides you an unrivaled and extensive suite of services, including:

    • Beauty & health services
    • SPA services
    • Massage therapy
    • Personal shopping
    • Pet training, walking, boarding and in home grooming
    • Private charters
    • Airline and train bookings
    • Automobile cleaning, shipping and storage
    • Electric automobile co-sharing
    • Housekeeping and domestic services
    • Maintanance services
    • Entertaining and special event planning
    • Film, music, theatre and entertainment tickets
    • Art shipping, installation and/or storage
    • Art restoration and co-sharing
    • Furniture cleaning and repair
    • In house dinning and rent-a-chef experience

Conference room and co-sharing office in Central District Lagoon City

The conference room and co-sharing office at Central District Lagoon City will be fully equipped with video-teleconferencing technology, and is available for the exclusive use of residents. Featuring African Mahogany wood paneling and a beautiful custom marble conference table that seats up to 14, the space is as well suited to board meetings and business gatherings as it is to private dinners, wine and cigar tastings.

Billiards room & library

The handsomely appointed billiards room — featuring a library curated by Carturesti — is designed to serve equally well as a quiet and relaxed reading space or a refined venue for a poker tournament or cocktail party.

Screening room

A 26 seats private theater with a 5.5 m screen and state-of-the-art sound system, this space is perfectly designed to accommodate film screenings and televised sporting events, as well as lectures and private recitals.

Studio suites

Five Studios suites are available for use exclusively to residents of Central District Lagoon City, as quarters for a friend, family or other staff. The suites’ versatile layouts also accommodate private homeowner uses, such as guest stays.

Wine cellars

Central District Lagoon City’s wine cellars store as many as 1,000 bottles, and employ all best practices for protecting a homeowner’s wine collection. Racks are constructed from western red cedar, and a multi-unit HVAC system with accompanying backup generators ensure stable temperature and humidity conditions.

Cigar room

A 15 seats private cigar room with proffesional humidor and adapted ventilation, the cigar room is perfectly designed to accommodate a cosy afternoon with friends.

The gym git

The personal trainer from Central District Lagoon City has drawn on over 10 years of experience as a strength coach and trainer — and his expertise in high-end traveland leisure — to tailor his unique program for the „Central District Lagoon City, we assembled an exclusive team of fitness experts with hospitality back grounds to create an experience that is equal parts high – end fitness center and five-star service. from the one-on-one training and educational services to the custom-branded staff uniforms, each detail is tailored to fit perfectly into Central District Lagoon City experience.

The pool

A labyrinth of spa, sauna, hammam and massage-therapy rooms gives way to a soaring double-height bathing space. At 25 m long and 8 m wide, the semi-olimpyc pool provides a tranquil swim with city views and abundant natural light. Private and group aquatic sessions are available with personal trainers.

The gym

We worked closely with architect Stefan Sterian to optimize the layout of this 2.500 sqm double-height gym at Central Distirict Lagoon City, developing the various programs and zones of the entire space — even choosing specific materials and finishes for the equipment and interiors. The equipment was selected to encourage the types of movements for which the human body was evolutionarily designed, but from which our modern lifestyle occasionally keeps us: running, jumping, climbing, and lifting. 


Personal trainers are available for one-on-one strength and conditioning, yoga, and Pilates instruction.

The relaxation

The relaxation suite at Central District Lagoon City features sauna, steam, and massage-therapy rooms programmed and managed by The Gym. Services include Swedish, deep-tissue, sports, pre/postnatal, shiatsu, and Thai massage.

Sauna and steam rooms

Sauna and steam rooms — designed to encourage health, wellness, and relaxation — complement Central District Lagoon City’s shower and locker facilities.

The restaurants at the Central District Lagoon City

Central District Lagoon City offers two main RESTAURANTS, DESIGNED BY architectural FIRM PHENOMENA, PROVIDES A FINE DINING AND ENTERTAINING EXPERIENCE UNPARALLELED IN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS. THE main RESTAURANTs, one focus in fish and seafood, where the fish arrives every morning by plane directly from the grEeks fish markets, and the other one specialised in black angus meat, OFFERS IN-RESIDENCE DINING AND CATERING TO RESIDENTS at the highest standard.

Terraces, open-air clubs, lounge areas, beachbar, lagoonbeach and restaurants

We offer you the perfect excuse for doing nothing! They say that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all,. With this in mind, we designed a 430 sqm place with an outdoor terrace, a beach bar and a deck promenada overlooking the white sand beachs and turquoise lagoon for an incredible relaxing, yet energizing daily destination, during the day time or in the evening, for a drink with dear ones, lunch, dinner and good music. On the banks of LagoonCity this floating terrace is a brighter and lighter version of the already classic Bucharest venue, brings together the best of two worlds, as the seaside feeling of the lagoon shore meets the hot, crowded city life. In store for this place are relaxing moments with friends, filled with the beautifully wild feelings of the surroundings. Our chefs outdid themselves again, as they introduced a cool menu, based on salads, oriental spices and a wonderful grill. The word of the day is “fresh”, as we are planning to supply the vitamins and healthy tastes of summer!