Lucian Azoiţei starts a new residential project in the fall and negotiates for a plot of land in the north part of the capital

Autor: s360_forty

The company is preparing to launch, in the autumn, a new project on a plot of 2,200 square meters on Viitorului street, near Stefan cel Mare, and is negotiating a plot in the northern area of the city.

Forty Management introduces in the Central District 4 Elements Project a concept called dual key, which Lucian Azoiţei says is unique in Romania.

„Dual key” or „two-keys” – a concept unique in Romania, is the notion of modulation and transformation of your own house, depending on how you change your lifestyle, as you evolve.

During your life you go through different changes: you start a family, the family grows, then children take off at a certain time, and at each new stage of life you should have another home, adapted to these changes.

From the project stage onwards, we thought of offering you a house, which you can upgrade to the level of these changes, and from which you can never move again.

We have created functional apartments, which cover different lifestyles, from different stages of life: from a 4-room apartment, originally designed for a large and active family, you can transform the space, turning it into an apartment with 2 very generous rooms and a studio, with completely separate access, which you can rent, for an extra income, when you do not need too many rooms.

In time, after the family enlarges, you can turn this apartment into one of 3 or 4 rooms, and when the children leave home, you can return to a 2-room apartment and a studio, which you can rent again, becoming an additional source of income.

The installations, walls and door openings were made so that, in the event of any reconfiguration, the necessary interventions should be minimal.

All these functional modulation scenarios are possible without building improvisations and without major refurbishment costs, precisely because everything was thought from the beginning,” explains Lucian Azoiței, the shareholder of Forty Management.

Central District 4 Elements, developed on a plot of 4,596 square meters, comprises 1,397 square meters of commercial space and two blocks of 11 floors each, and has a running track on the roof, as a premiere for the residential market. A similar running track exists in one of the offices developed by Skanska in the Polytechnic.

The project comprises 192 apartments and 231 parking spaces, with a mix of studios, apartments of 2, 3 and 4 rooms and 2 duplex-penthouses, each with a 165 sqm terrace.