Central District 4 Elements

Aleea Fizicienilor no 1, District 3, Bucharest, Romania

Central District 4 Elements is a 24.000 sqm mixed-use development, which includes 200 apartments, 2.100 sqm commercial spaces and unique facilities. It is the first mixed-use project in Romania with a running track on top of the building, and a socialising area with professional barbeque, summer kitchen and an outdoor cinema.

Central District 4 Elements is Green Building Certified by Romania Business Green Council.

The project registered a real success on the market, being sold and fully rented 7 months before completion. The demand for apartments is so high that their value increased with more than 40%, in just 1 year.

Innovation: It marks a series of premiers which made it one of the most awarded large-scale projects, both locally and internationally. The mixed-use development won 6 awards, for innovation, architecture and sustainable development.

  • the first development in Romania to include a running track on top of the building
  • a social area with outdoor cinema, professional barbecue, summer kitchen, music, TV, free Wi-Fi
  • over 3.000 square meters of green spaces
  • all parking spaces located underground

The interior design of this building reinterprets all the primary elements: water – aquarium between bedroom and bathroom, fire – fireplace in the living room, air – all the rooms of the apartments have the same height, 2.7 m with no visible beams, large terraces, with furniture and pergolas, earth – expressed by the design colours and the terraces with large window boxes.

Central District 4 Elements is the winner of:

  • 2020 Mixed-use Development Romania, at International Property Awards, London
  • 2020 Most Sustainable Green Project, The Times – Investing in Property
  • 2020 Residential Development Romania, Build Real Estate & Property Awards

2021 Best Project at EAE Awards 2021, European Association for Ethics