Central District Cuza 99

99 Alexandru Ioan Cuza Bulevard, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Placed in the very heart of the city, this green, mixed-use development includes 40 design apartments, exclusive features, and facilities.

With more than 800 square meters of large garden pots and 15 meters tall trees on the façade, naturally placed even on the 5th floor, Cuza 99 stands out as the first literally green building Romania.

Central District Cuza 99 is also the first development to use Active Ceramic technology (which transforms CO2 into oxygen), nontoxic paints and adhesives.

The interiors combine structure, space, proportion, and light to create the best mix of design and functionality.

Innovation: The innovative design concept of the building includes several technical and architectural innovations:

  • first green mixed use building Romania with large garden pots and 15 meters tall trees on the façade and terraces to create a comfortable environment and a sense of nature for the residents
  • full LED lighting
  • individual control for heating and cooling systems
  • natural ventilation for each apartment
  • modular architecture that offers the possibility to reconfigure each apartment
  • innovative technical solutions for the terraces, such as active ceramics, which filter the air and ensure an anti-pollution and antibacterial effect
  • toxic-free paints and adhesives
  • apartments’ windows designed to provide different views; window adjustments for each apartment to enjoy a certain view
  • various energy efficient measures to optimize and reduce the energy consumption throughout the entire lifespan of the building

For its outstanding features, Central District Cuza 99 received multiple awards:

  • Residential development at International Property Awards (2017)
  • Best residential development at EEC European Property (2018)
  • Finalist at Mipim Awards (2017)
  • Finalist at EEC Green Awards (2018)