Central District Lagoon City Budapest, III District

Revitalization of urban area by reconverting unused land and transforming it into residential, recreational (lagoon, gardens, etc.), hotel,commercial and office areas, resulting in the sustainable response to the increase of the population pressure on urban areas. The entire idea of the project is built around the Crystal Lagoon amenity – a pioneering, highly-innovative and sustainable technology that has been patented worldwide, built and maintained at very low costs, using a minimum amount of additives and energy. Forty has designed a complex project (residential, commercial, hotel and office buildings) that will revolutionize the Hungarian market, improve local tax revenues by raising the value of the properties being developed, by bringing in viable owners, by generating sales taxes through commercial development, by employing taxpaying citizens, and by creating innovative amenities like beach area within the city, that increase the value of surrounding properties. The Project will pay special attention to sustainable building practices and operations and will be designed as a green building for both the retail , hotel and office components of the mixed-use complex.

The buildings would be self-sustainable in terms of energy, harmonized with the highest European standards, adapted to the modern way of living; renewable sources for heating, domestic hot water, electricity and cooling will be used.

Central District Lagoon City will be a major urban mixed-use reconversion icon development, built on a 35.000 sqm plot, the first #SelfSustainable project in Hungary. Adding a 5 stars international branded hotel with 340 room, 7.800 sqm of commercial and entertainment areas, 8.200 sqm of co-working & office spaces, 300 spectacular view apartments and penthouses , state-of-the-art amenities including #BestAmenityInTheWorld – a 10.000 sqm turquoise Crystal Lagoons & 3.300 sqm of white sand beaches, Central District Lagoon City Budapest is a small city built on sustainable principles, for the highest #QualityOfLife friendly with the environment and neighbourhood.