Lucian Azoiței

CEO & Founder

With more than 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Lucian has a successful track record of entrepreneurial projects.

In 2000, Lucian founded companies that are part of PAZO Group, a model of successful and visionary business. In 2015, he established Forty Management, a dynamic urban reconversion real estate company, operating under Central District brand.

A passionate advocate for sustainable design, he encouraged the use of many innovations and energy efficient technologies. Forty Management won multiple international design awards and received the “Green Homes” certification for all its projects.

Lucian holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and an MBA. During the past two decades, he participated in the development of thousands of real estate projects, both personally and as a consultant.

He played professional basketball and still does, as a hobby. He loves to travel around the world and meet new people and cultures, thus gaining inspiration for projects that enable a high quality of living. Lucian is a car enthusiast and holds the position of President of Porsche Club Romania. Recently, he established a foundation that supports young Romanian classic music artists, together with his brother, a famous violinist.