The japanese maple: an eclectic, artistic penthouse

Autor: s360_forty

Located in a residential building set on a quiet street, the penthouse is outlined on two levels and it has 625 square meters. The property articulates its discourse starting from three main elements: a patio around which the space is developed, the special design of the floors and the upper terrace.

The beneficiaries of the project are lovers of contemporary art; thus, they wanted a frame in which to find their passion.

The art makes its presence felt from the hallway, where a huge mirror overlooking the patio symbolically brings the outside inwards, to highlight yet another essential feature of the living space, but also of the building in general – the close connection with the nature that invades the interior and the terrace.

Also, in the hall, we remark the long lines crossing the floor, continuing throughout the apartment, which in the evening are highlighted by LED lighting.

The living and dining areas are expressed in the open shared space in a permanent dialogue of materials and textures, to which the discourse of decorative objects and artistic elements is joined. Black-and-white marble with glossy finish on the floor level intersects unexpectedly with closed skin parietal veneers.

The contemporary American style furniture features armchairs of various sizes and friendly colors, and the drapery with rich pattern are like a curtain. The ceiling mirrors the floor, antithetical, but harmoniously, integrating lighting systems that enhance the paintings.